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Discover HoopHaap, a premier Bengali news & Entertainment portal in West Bengal and India, boasting a thriving user base of over 5 million and attracting more than 8 million page views monthly. With a predominant audience aged between 16 to 40, HoopHaap offers an ideal platform to elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement.

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Flexible Solutions: Choose from a diverse range of ad formats to suit your marketing objectives and budget. With a minimal starting budget of just INR 3,000, kickstart your brand promotion campaign with ease.

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1. Advertisement: Capture audience attention with visually appealing image and video ads strategically placed across our platform.

2. Sponsored Articles: Gain exposure by publishing compelling articles about your brand and products. Featured on HoopHaap and various other prominent platforms including Daily Hunt, Google News, and Facebook Feed.

3. Social Media Brand Promotion: Leverage our social media platforms to amplify your brand’s reach and credibility, fostering trust and engagement among your target audience.

4. Section Sponsorship: Elevate your brand’s visibility by sponsoring a specific category, ensuring prominent placement across all news within the section.

5. Logo Sponsorship: Showcase your brand prominently by sponsoring our logo, ensuring visibility across every news article, section, and page on our site.

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